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2024 : Mahjong Series (In Progress)

2023 : Recalling Joy of 90s Nostalgia

2022 : Beautiful Things


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Louisa Raj, a self-taught Singaporean realism artist, is an emerging talent in the contemporary Singapore art scene.Louisa Raj stands out in Singapore's contemporary art scene with her unique blend of traditional realism and nostalgic elements, giving her work a distinctive, original quality.Louisa has exhibited at various art shows and her skills and dedication earned her a respected place as a Professional member within the International Guild of Realism. Additionally, one of her pieces was shortlisted for the esteemed UOB painting of the year 2023 competition.Louisa has also co-founded two NFT collections that combine her traditional skills with blockchain technology, expanding her global reach in the NFT world. In a noteworthy achievement, her NFT titled "Apple Juice Can" was acquired by ARC in 2024, a leading community in Asia's Web 3 space, for their exclusive collection.Through her willingness to experiment, Louisa's work promises to evolve.

Title : Qing Yi Se 清一色
Size : 36" x 36"
Medium : Acrylic on Canvas
Year : 2024
Availability : SOLD
With “Qing Yi Se”, I aimed to capture the essence of the mahjong table on canvas. This piece represents my most challenging painting yet.Each of the 148 tiles demanded meticulous attention. The canvas mirrors the real dimensions of a mahjong table.While on first look it may seem like a typical mahjong scene, there's a hidden revelation. The tiles facing the viewer form the winning set 清一色. This subtlety prompts reflection on life's victories.We often chase after victories, unaware that we may have already won. Like the winning tiles before us, so too are the blessings that surround us—food, shelter, money, and loved ones.This piece challenges viewers to appreciate their personal abundance. In this realization, we find true fulfilment and contentment.

Title : Apple Juice Can
Size : 40" x 60"
Medium : Acrylic on Canvas
Year : 2023
Availability : Available at White Space Art Asia Gallery
This piece opens a window to my childhood dinners in kopitiams with my father. His repeated, half-joking reprimand, “Ice drink again? You think good for you ah?” often preceded him relenting and buying the drink anyway. A gesture that spoke volumes in its simplicity. Time has left its mark, turning my father's hair white, a reflection of the years gone by. The apple juice can stands as a quiet yet powerful reminder of those days. Encapsulating a father-daughter bond shaped by small, everyday moments.

Title : Milkmaid Condensed Milk Can
Size : 30" x 40"
Medium : Acrylic on Canvas
Year : 2023
Availability : Available at White Space Art Asia Gallery
This can of condensed milk takes me back to post the 9pm Channel 8 drama nights as a child, savoring my mom's bedtime Milo with my siblings. Those were the days when my siblings and I were inseparable. But as we grew, our paths diverged - new friends, different schools, new commitments. The evening Milo rituals faded, and so did my taste for condensed milk, replaced by black coffee or water. Still, this can holds all those memories of a time when we were all together, every day.

Title : Tiger Balm
Size : 14" x 18"
Medium : Acrylic on Canvas
Year : 2023
Availability : Available at White Space Art Asia Gallery
Growing up, stomachaches were an unwelcome companion, and Tiger Balm was my relief. Its familiar scent marked many of my younger days. When nervous jitters about school would twist my stomach into knots. But as I grew older, those school anxieties waned, and so did my reliance on this balm. Its absence became a sign of change, of growing up.

Title : Qing Cao You
Size : 12" x 12"
Medium : Acrylic on Canvas
Year : 2023
Back when days were spent running in playgrounds, I'd often find myself with cuts and bruises. Qing Cao You was always there, bringing that immediate sting and then the relief. As I grew, my playful dashes turned into more controlled jogs, and I found fewer reasons to reach for this bottle. But even now, holding it, I can almost feel the sharp bite of its touch on fresh wounds. A tangible reminder of a time when every day was an adventure.

Title : Mama Lemon Dishwashing Liquid
Size : 16" x 20"
Medium : Acrylic on Canvas
Year : 2023
In our family, meals were always homemade; it was a three-kids single-income household. With every meal savoured at home, my mother's silhouette became etched in memory, tirelessly scrubbing with her trusted Mama Lemon by her side. Watching her, that brand became a symbol of dedication and love. Today, as I stand before my own sink, Mama Lemon remains my choice, a silent ode to those formative years and the hands that shaped them.

Title : Longan Can
Year : 2023
Size : 23" x 16.5"
Medium : Oil on Canvas
Every festive celebration in my childhood was marked by the delightful mix of Longans and Sprite. It was pure joy in a glass. At 17, things changed; I became more conscious of my weight and sugar took a back seat. This can of Longans represent a pivotal moment of transition for me—from carefree days of indulgence to ones of reflection and self-awareness.

Title : Vintage Doll
Size : 18" x 20"
Medium : Acrylic on Canvas
Year : 2023

Title : Lady in Red
Size : 12" x 16"
Medium : Acrylic on Canvas
Year : 2021

Title : In the Mood for Love
Size : 12" x 18"
Medium : Acrylic on Wood
Year : 2021

Title : Study of Gucci Jackie Bag
Size : 16" x 20"
Medium : Acrylic on Canvas
Year : 2022

Title : Study of Valentino Garavani Tan-Go platform pump
Size : 16" x 20"
Medium : Acrylic on Canvas
Year : 2022

Dreamers and Creators | Dec 2023 | Selegie Arts Centre Singapore

EVE | Nov 2023 | Crane Joo Chiat Singapore

RE:PLAY | August 2023 | Somerset Youth Park Singapore

Voice of Art Exhibition | March 2023 | Be One Gallery Singapore

Shortlisted UOB Painting of the Year 2023 | July 2023

Professional Member of International Guild of Realism | July 2023https://www.realismguild.com/artists/LouisaRaj/

45 Verse | March 2022 | NFT Collab with F45 Paya Lebar Singapore

Sep 2021 | NFT Collab with Telok Ayer Arts Club

Sep 2021 | NFT Collab with BOLT Global


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